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Starting Baxter & Grant, was an easy decision. I have worked in finance for over 20 years alongside some of the most influential financial experts in all areas of finance.

I decided to take what I had learnt and create a business with the outlook to create an open atmosphere where clients are always informed and engaged in their financial lives by our financial experts on a day to day basis.

It has always been and always be my number one priority to keep an open mind and fully engage with all clients whether they be old or new clients, helping them make that ultimate decision to take control of their finances with the expert guidance of Baxter & Grant.

I have worked with many individuals, families and companies and the most important thing is that each client management is unique. Transparency in my opinion has to be the main principle when working side by side with clients.

Being in the financial services for 20 years has taught me one vital lesson, I have been witness where corporate profits are more important than individual client service. Here at Baxter & Grant we thrive on treating everyone with the same courtesy.

We are a family company with a family outlook when dealing with all our clients making us unique in the financial world.

Graham baxter

Consulting Services for all types of investors.

Our aim is to bring our investors and management together as one, to get the best results and best return on all investment. Also to provide a better understanding of market growth and sector trends.

Fund Management

Our team of fund managers are waiting to assist you.

Portfolio Management

We offer a bespoke portfolio management service.

Risk Management

We are proactive in analyzing potential threats.
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Baxter & Grant offer the best returns on all investments

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When you sign up with Baxter & Grant this immediately opens doors to the world of investing, guidance in all sectors whatever sector best suits your portfolio, on hand investor mentors with first class experience in all sectors.

Our main investment focus is on the four sectors and with our track record of getting the timing right when to buy in and when to sell, you can sit back comfortably knowing your money is working for you and your not working for your money.

Our finance experts continually build upon their insight and understanding of universal sector trends, and value enhancement tactics. We are able to access a deep pool of sector experts, many of whom we have worked with for many years helping to execute their plans for growth and value creation.

General Questions

A rise in interest for a particular product or service over a period of time. Market growth can be delayed if buyers do not adopt a high demand or find a product or service practical for their price level.

For example, a current technology might only be marketable to a limited set of buyers, however if the price of the technology reduces and its benefits in every day life increase, more buyers could strengthen demand. Our expert analyst are continually watching the movement of a stock and can almost determine when a particular product will hit its bottom or hit its high.
I am sure we all remember when we received that very first pay-check? The first time you could see the difference in what you made and what you took home. There’s a similarity when investing. There is usually a gap in the amount your portfolio earns in investment returns and in what actually lands in your pocket. However the difference between that and your pay-check, is the investment gap is something you can mitigate. Baxter & Grant can help in keeping your investor returns which can be and often are swallowed up by outrageous fees, bad investor behavior (for example terrible market timing or uncompensated risk from poor diversification), and other inefficiencies like a bad tax approach. This is the main reason Baxter & Grant exists to give all our clients a more secure effective and more rewarding way to invest.
The strategy we used to build the business was to attract higher valuations and focus on helping our portfolio companies gain growth, grow in a short space of time but keeping a sensible and safe attitude – this is achieved through the pursuit of a buy and build strategy.
Our team of investors from juniors to executive have a number of years of investment experience between them. Our aim is to ensure all our investors that this combined knowledge is applied in all investment, to assist our portfolio companies and individual clients to build the right portfolio and reach their maximum potential.

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