We have a sound understanding of the financial equity markets and the importance that they serve to our clients’ success. This is why when we present a recommendation to you, it has already been thoroughly researched and analytically proven to be worthy for your consideration as a viable investment opportunity.

We do not present clients with recommendations that are based on hearsay or historical performance, far from it. The disciplined approach adopted by our award-winning team of analysts, who constantly research markets for opportunities that are not only current, but worthy of meeting the exacting demands that our clients expect. This disciplined approach to market analysis is why, on occasions, we will offer opportunities that our competitors may deem ‘out-of-the box’.

As Warren Buffett famously said, “We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined that the rest,” and at Baxter & Grant, it is our disciplined approach that ensures we only ever present thoroughly researched opportunities to our clients, which allows our continued success to be reflected by that of theirs.

Whether your previous experience and interests related to Blue-chip Stock, Ordinary Shares, Initial Public Offerings, (IPOs), Start-up Funding, Preferred Stock or Common Stock is not important to us. Presenting you with analytically researched investment opportunities, over a diverse range of financial products, in multiple markets and on numerous platforms which are worthy for your consideration, is of importance to us.

All of our equity advisors and managers are qualified to impart their knowledge, in conjunction with that of our analysts, with you. They thrive on being able to offer their clients opportunities that they know are thoroughly researched winners.

This ensures that we not only earn but build and maintain our reputation with you as a company that you can rely upon for its valued source of impartial and beneficial investment advice to its clients.

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A rise in interest for a particular product or service over a period of time. Market growth can be delayed if buyers do not adopt a high demand or find a product or service practical for their price level.

For example, a current technology might only be marketable to a limited set of buyers, however if the price of the technology reduces and its benefits in every day life increase, more buyers could strengthen demand. Our expert analyst are continually watching the movement of a stock and can almost determine when a particular product will hit its bottom or hit its high.
I am sure we all remember when we received that very first pay-check? The first time you could see the difference in what you made and what you took home. There’s a similarity when investing. There is usually a gap in the amount your portfolio earns in investment returns and in what actually lands in your pocket. However the difference between that and your pay-check, is the investment gap is something you can mitigate. Baxter & Grant can help in keeping your investor returns which can be and often are swallowed up by outrageous fees, bad investor behavior (for example terrible market timing or uncompensated risk from poor diversification), and other inefficiencies like a bad tax approach. This is the main reason Baxter & Grant exists to give all our clients a more secure effective and more rewarding way to invest.
The strategy we used to build the business was to attract higher valuations and focus on helping our portfolio companies gain growth, grow in a short space of time but keeping a sensible and safe attitude – this is achieved through the pursuit of a buy and build strategy.
Our team of investors from juniors to executive have a number of years of investment experience between them. Our aim is to ensure all our investors that this combined knowledge is applied in all investment, to assist our portfolio companies and individual clients to build the right portfolio and reach their maximum potential.
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