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Our continued success is dependent on an understanding of all our clients. Our strategy is an in-depth discovery process, allowing us to best understand your values, goals and concerns.

We recognize that your financial future represents a significant emotional investment, but we also know that it is critical to manage that future with logic and process rather than emotions alone. The Baxter & Grant team will create a detailed road map tailored to your individual situation, supported by a globally diversified investment strategy. No one in the investment industry can predict the outcome of capital markets, what we can assure you is that if you put your faith in us, we will be developing a partnership based on respect and investment expertise.

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At Baxter & Grant we promise to always provide unbiased and astute advice based on rational experience and disciplined practice.

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Our Focus

Our objective and discipline further reaches to the way we manage our business:.

Baxter & Grant

Our objective and discipline further reaches to the way we manage our business: We pride ourself on giving you the best advice and act on behalf in a timely fashion, putting your best interests above all else. We ensure independent oversight of your assets by holding all client accounts at third-party custodians. Our fees are based on assets under management; hence, our interests are aligned with yours. The heart of what we do depends on helping our clients achieve their goals and obtain the peace of mind that a successful financial plan provides.

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